Why you should visit Newcastle immediately

Growing up a proud Geordie, when asked where I would recommend visiting in England, I will always suggest Newcastle for many reasons – below are a few of my favourites:

– The rich history
Founded by the Romans in the second century AD, this city has seen many civilizations live in it and all have left their mark. With architecture from the beginning of the century such as Hadrian’s wall to the landmarks from the beginning of the millennia such as the millennium bridge. To travel through Newcastle is to travel through time.

(Photo source: Hadrianswallcountry.co.uk)

– The food
Founding the culinary masterpiece that is Greggs – you can safely assume that Geordies know how to cook. From a meat slider from The Hop and Cleaver to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene house, there is a plethora of different cuisines to enjoy during your time in the city. Find the best here.

(Photo source: Hop and Cleaver)

– Football
This is perhaps the most associated with Newcastle is their football culture. With the resources to accommodate over 50,000 fans at a time, St James’ park is the largest football stadium in England and was used as the football venue for the Olympics. Even if you aren’t a football fan, visiting the stadium is an absolute must.

(Photo Source: Chronicle Live)

– The people
Geordies have a strong reputation for being both incredibly friendly and incredibly difficult to understand, so when you visit – as you undoubtedly will – please find attached a guide for speaking geordie.

(Photo Source: Redbubble)

Is there anything else you love about Newcastle? Want to leave any comments about your own favourite city? Leave them below!

(Header image: Thebeautyoftransport.com)

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