The 5 Best things about Fortnite BR (other than the gameplay)

1. New POI’s

Since the game’s release there have been 6 new named points of interest added to the map and a number of smaller locations added. This is a great way to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting.

2. New Weapons

There have been 12 (that’s right, 12!) new weapons added to the game. I think it’s likely that we’ll begin to see a weapon rotation system once the roster fills up. They’ve already put the SMG “in the vault” and I’m sure one day they’ll put another gun in the vault and let the SMG out again.

3. Bug Fixes

Bugs come with every patch, but they sure do get squashed quickly! Epic have an amazing turn over when it comes to bug fixes and with their new “Community issues” page we can track them!

4. LTM’s

During the Game Awards Epic pulled off one of the coolest marketing stunts ever when they announced their first ever Limited Time Mode, 50 vs 50. Immediately after the announce trailer had finished we could log into the game and play the new mode. There have been 5 LTM’s since then and more to come.


5. Battle Pass

Skins, glorious skins! Everyone loves a good vanity item and Fortnite has plenty to choose from! They can get expensive though, that’s why the battle pass is so good! For just 950 V-Bucks  you’re able to unlock 76 different cosmetic items just by playing the game and completing challenges.


What’s your favourite thing about Fortnite BR?

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