Sports societies – making the most of your university experience

Social societies and university go hand in hand and is one the best decisions you can possible make whilst spending three years in a new city. All though each society is different and has a different reputation, they all offer a social experience like no other and gives you the opportunity to meet people who otherwise you simply would not.

It is generally considered a positive note if you actively play the sport of which society it is, however there is always a large amount of people who are simply social members and each society welcomes new people with open arms.

  • Committee roles: Each society has captains, social secretaries and even a president. Being a part of the committee not only grants you the opportunity to have responsibility of a large group of people and activities, this puts you in a variety of decision making situations and could benefit you in later life.
  • Socials: Socials are generally every week and consists of the club members gathering together, spending time with each other and generally going on a night out together. This allows you to meet like minded people and gives you a break from the strenuous schedules of university.
  • Staying Active:¬†University lifestyle and staying healthy generally does not coincide together, however signing up to a sports team gives you the chance to train and play week in week out and maintain some level of exercise between all the lectures and socials.

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