Modding for a large Twitch streamer (TSM_Myth)

TSM_Myth has seen tremendous growth in the past 6 months. Being one of the best Fortnite players out there, the captain of the TSM Fortnite team and the first PC player to reach 1000 solo wins has done wonders for his stream. In September, when Fortnite BR was released, Myth would average around 50 viewers in the stream, yesterday (07/03/2018) he peaked at 40,492 viewers. It’s safe to say that being a moderator for him has changed a lot.

With 40k people, all with the ability to type, you can image than the chat screen is scrolling fast. Internet trolls are nothing new but on this scale it gets hard to deal with. The mod team have implemented strict rules and have adopted a “no mercy” approach so dealing with the chat. We allow Nightbot to deal with the majority of issues now, we’re constantly updating the blacklisted spam words which allows Nightbot to time people out who spam or promote hate. Moderators will normally ban someone rather than timing them out, with such a huge number of people watching second chances are a luxury. We also use a logging system which allows us to check the chat logs when someone asks “why was I banned? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Of course they, more often than not, did.

I hope that the effort the moderation team puts in results in a positive chat experience. Have you visited Myths stream? What did you think of the chat? let me know!

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