Eating Vegan in Hull

When I first went veggie/vegan eating out was hard as there weren’t many vegan options , but over the last year there has been a huge demand for plant-based options, therefore the supply is huge  too, so it’s getting easier everyday!

Blondes Cafe

Blondes is a dedicated vegan friendly cafe (and dog friendly!)  in Cottingham. I was veggie for a whole year before realizing this place existed and since then i’ve only been a few times …

Meatball Pannini with Oreo Milkshake
Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas
BBQ Chicken Jacket Potato with Peanutbutter Milkshake

Options range from Jacket Potatoes to Paninis with fillings such as, Pulled Not Pork, Tuna Mayo and more, all vegan! They also offer a huge range of amazing smoothies, milkshakes and even FREAKSHAKES! They also have daily specials too, it’s worth checking out!

Hull University

I usually spend a lot of time at university, so it’s great to know that there are some vegan food gems hidden around! Eats have three sandwich options; Falafel & Hummus, Sausage & Chutney and Vegetable Fajita (these tick all my boxes if you ask me).

Sausage Sandwich, Crisps and Coke

You can bag a meal-deal for  £4! Eats Italia also offer a Vegan Margherita option (i always add extra veggies) which only costs £4.75 with chips and a drink.

Vegan Pizza


Zoo Cafe

Zoo Cafe is 100% vegetarian and most of their menu items can be veganized. When i go i ALWAYS get Mushrooms on Toast!

Mushrooms with Garlic on Toast

Where ever you go to eat, there will now usually be vegan options to choose from, so keep an eye out!

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