Why not Visit Shanghai ?

Why not Visit Shanghai ?

Born and grew up in Shanghai, I could be your native guide for this marvelous city. I bet your will visit Shanghai after you finished reading this blog !

Sleepless City :

Shanghai is a sleepless city where you could enjoy your night life anywhere. There are bar streets around People’s Square and also, by the Bund. Enjoy your night life in this sleepless city !

Romance by the Bund:

The Bund is one of the most romantic places in Shanghai. The Bund is a CBD area during working time while it changes its role into the dating paradise after the sunset. Why not take a walk by the Bund with your lover and enjoy a candlelight dinner?

Delicious Cuisine:

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, there is saying that “The sweet eastern cuisine and the spicy western cuisine, the light southern and the salty northern cuisine” Located in southern China. The traditional Shanghai is light and a little bit sweet. Why not tasting the fried plain bun, the smoked fish, the bran dough? I swear you will like them !

Shopping Paradise:

Apart from night life and delicious cuisine, Shanghai is also a shopping paradise, you could buy anything you want here. Take a walk at XuJiaHui shopping center to see the new release of Prada or Louis Vuitton. If you love sneakers. You will find the latest version of Nike or Adidas at the Mega sports center in NanJing Road.

Welcome to Shanghai !

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