Confessions of a Mature Student!

Being a mature student is tough, I have now been battling through higher education for five years and it still isn’t getting any easier. It started with the birth of my daughter, I knew she needed something better, being a single mum so off to collage I went. I missed her a lot as the course was intense, my mother put her to bed most nights, I wouldn’t see her. I worked on assignments at collage, hard to concentrate with a cute but noisy baby around.

The access course was a blast, all the students were like myself as together we found ourselves in ‘last chance saloon’. The college was local and the bonds I formed with other students helped me to achieve the fabulous grades. However, the step on to university was outrageously different.

University is 45 miles from my home, so joining in any extra-curricular activities or even attending social events was a “no can do” for me. I had to be home to cook tea, bath and read to my daughter, and finally when all was quiet work on my assignments, some days I would be sat at my computer till 5am.

The best tip I can offer would be…Pack an open mind along with your lunch; food is expensive on campus. Try not to compare too much, observe and listen to your peers, your experiences will help you but take care they don’t block your thinking or attitudes. Keep positive as negativity will be your downfall.

Procrastination. Guilty or Not Guilty?

In a nut shell… the art of doing anything but the task one is supposed to be doing.

Synonyms include;




Let me start by telling you, I only learnt of this word ‘procrastination’ and its meaning during my collage year, unfortunately the man who taught me this is an alcoholic, so procrastination is his forte. Anyway, “he who has not sinned.” I myself are guilty of such crimes.

As a student, mum and small business owner I feel the pressures of day-to-day life heavy on my shoulders, and with many gadgets and gismos in the home it is easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Assignment deadlines are looming over me, lacking in motivation and all I see when I look for inspiration are outside influences drawing me in. Maybe a new box of Lego I can’t resist, my 4 year old has no interest in building but loves to play, or a new box set on television.

Game of Thrones, had me hooked for a fortnight, never mind the housework and other influences pulling me from tasks that need to be done, when my life becomes a question of, bleach the floors and do the laundry or research and write an assignment I have no clue about, I used to chose Lego or box sets, now I chose to conquer.

If not now when? Stop making excuses and don’t start believing ‘done is better than perfect’ nothing is better than perfect, and time is your best resource.

Bursting with Pride!

I have travelled the world, speak two languages, play the piano and study at masters level yet, I learn more over a tea time chat with my 4-year-old than anyone could ever teach me. She tells tales of fierce beasts and how to avoid an attack, if you are ever face to face with a shark you should look it in the eye show no fear, and if it attacks, aim for the gills or eyes. these are the most sensitive parts.

I see a kindness in her that is rare these days, she surrounds herself in nature, often I find leaves and sticks in her pockets and animals flock to her.

We were shopping at the weekend, usual struggles I forget that I drive a Mini. I fought with the bags and I used some bad language the look of disappointment on my daughter’s face as she told me sternly; “you shouldn’t say that mum!”. I felt terribly ashamed however extremely proud.

A note from the teacher showed me how far ahead my daughter was in many aspects of school life, storytelling to the other children and her writing skills. “Don’t know where she gets it from” I replied. Another mother said, “how come she speaks so eloquently compared to you?” slightly offended, I uttered “amazes me”.

Everything I do I do for her, enjoy your children they end up like us far too fast, listen to them. They have so much to teach us.

You can do miles better with that car…

Filling up the tank can be expensive, but im going to leak some information that could help you go a long way…



Branded vs supermarket (fuels)

“In the UK, all pumps are governed by various international bodies to conform to minimum world-agreed quality and performance standards. When it comes down to performance of branded vs supermarket fuels the research is unclear and hence a conclusive result has never been made.”

This means that they all work in the same way and you should be able to mix the same fuel without any problem.



Cheapest stations


Jet Princes ave

  • 118.9p/L petrol*
  • 121.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you are a firm believer of branded fuels then this is the cheapest option within the area. Garage has 24hr shop, hand car wash service, and large rest space.


Tesco st Stephens

  • 116.9p/L petrol*
  • 119.9p/L diesel*
  • 50p tire pressure

This is the cheapest place in the area to fill the tank or tires! It is the furthest away from university out of the 3 but is adjacent to the biggest supermarket in the city; perfect for students stopping off on the way back from a busy shop.


Jet Beverley road

  • 120.9p/L petrol*
  • 122.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you want to fill up quickly this is easily the most convenient location. Located in center of Beverley road this station offers a 24hr shop and is the closest to the university as well as the large majority of student houses.

*Please note fuel prices fluctuate with time

Lack of Social Life

I’m not the most social able guy, most of my friends like to go to the pub regularly and go ‘out-out’ Friday to Sunday mornings but that just doesn’t really suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a cold cider (Magners preferably), but I prefer playing online with my friends some from around the world and working towards my business goals in my spare time.

‘Out Out’

At university, though it is likely that you will end up going ‘out-out’ with your university friends or friends from home if to celebrate completing a module or end of a semester. Here are just a few pictures of when I went out…

Online Socialising

Most my friends that I play online with play a variety of games, however, I prefer to stick to those that I’ve always played since growing up which are GTA, Fifa, COD and now a new game to 2017 is Fornite. I spend some nights during the week playing Fifa and Fornite but only for an hour or two just to communicate with my friends seeing how they are doing, not forgetting enjoying the game. My weekends are work and football orientated however I do find time in the evening to have a gaming session into the early hours of the next day.

Fancy a game or two?

PSN: TrueBennett95

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Travelling the UK

Everyone at university is from somewhere, some are from Hull some have travelled from one side of the country and others from the other side of the world. I love to travel around the world, however, I travel around the United Kingdom frequently where I love to drive around my three originals that, I live, lived and are gaining a Masters.


North London is where I was born, London is where I shop, love to eat, worked, lived and adore. Although London is no longer the place I live the fast pace environment, the beautiful buildings, the fine dining are just a few reasons to why I travel to the London not forgetting its the greatest city in the world.

Do you love to do these things?

1. Shopping
2. Fine Dinning
3. Beautiful Buildings

Yes, then why not visit London.

Do you need more reasons to go? Click Here


Essex is mostly known for The Only Way Is Essex but to me its where I grew up. I moved to Essex in year 7 at Billericay School and absolutely loved my time there. I love visiting back to Essex because of my friends, family, watching & playing football and its the place I call Home.

There are so many reasons why you should visit Essex.

Want to see the where The Only Way Is Essex are from? – Click Here

If seeing the places of where The Only Way Is Essex isn’t enough for you to visit, I don’t blame you. Here are some other reasons to why you should visit Essex


Hull, the city of Culture 2017, the city where I graduated and now studying a Masters. I have been here for four years completing a degree and now a Masters. My top reasons to why you should visit Hull are because of the amazing University, The deep is something you can’t see anywhere in the UK, Freedom festival is outstanding and finally, if you’re a southerner like I am you must try Chip Spice.

Never tried Chip Spice? You can read about it here

Here are 50 more reasons to persuade you to visit hull – Click Here

Have you been to any of these places before? Post your experiences in the comments below

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Paragon: What Happened?

Epic Games have announced that their take on a moba, Paragon, will be closing on the 26th of April. They state that “After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there isn’t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable.” This came just 10 days after a call-to-arms of sorts; in a forum post epic requested suggestions from the community to figure out a way to help the player base grow. So, how did this game get to this point? At one point it had a large player base with regular updates and changes to the game.

Many members of the community are putting the blame on the developers, suggesting that they haven’t been listening to them and that the game could be in a much better state if they had done. I’ve suggested that the community didn’t embrace change or attempt to adapt before complaining, which forced the dev team to react to something that wasn’t broken, or to simply ignore the players until they figured out that they were wrong.

A number of the development team working on Paragon were swiftly moved over to the Fortnite team (Epics hugely successful Battle Royale), which has led many to speculate that it was in face Fortnite witch killed Paragon. Did you play Paragon? What are you going to miss? What did you love? Why do you think it failed?

Modding for a large Twitch streamer (TSM_Myth)

TSM_Myth has seen tremendous growth in the past 6 months. Being one of the best Fortnite players out there, the captain of the TSM Fortnite team and the first PC player to reach 1000 solo wins has done wonders for his stream. In September, when Fortnite BR was released, Myth would average around 50 viewers in the stream, yesterday (07/03/2018) he peaked at 40,492 viewers. It’s safe to say that being a moderator for him has changed a lot.

With 40k people, all with the ability to type, you can image than the chat screen is scrolling fast. Internet trolls are nothing new but on this scale it gets hard to deal with. The mod team have implemented strict rules and have adopted a “no mercy” approach so dealing with the chat. We allow Nightbot to deal with the majority of issues now, we’re constantly updating the blacklisted spam words which allows Nightbot to time people out who spam or promote hate. Moderators will normally ban someone rather than timing them out, with such a huge number of people watching second chances are a luxury. We also use a logging system which allows us to check the chat logs when someone asks “why was I banned? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Of course they, more often than not, did.

I hope that the effort the moderation team puts in results in a positive chat experience. Have you visited Myths stream? What did you think of the chat? let me know!

The 5 Best things about Fortnite BR (other than the gameplay)

1. New POI’s

Since the game’s release there have been 6 new named points of interest added to the map and a number of smaller locations added. This is a great way to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting.

2. New Weapons

There have been 12 (that’s right, 12!) new weapons added to the game. I think it’s likely that we’ll begin to see a weapon rotation system once the roster fills up. They’ve already put the SMG “in the vault” and I’m sure one day they’ll put another gun in the vault and let the SMG out again.

3. Bug Fixes

Bugs come with every patch, but they sure do get squashed quickly! Epic have an amazing turn over when it comes to bug fixes and with their new “Community issues” page we can track them!

4. LTM’s

During the Game Awards Epic pulled off one of the coolest marketing stunts ever when they announced their first ever Limited Time Mode, 50 vs 50. Immediately after the announce trailer had finished we could log into the game and play the new mode. There have been 5 LTM’s since then and more to come.


5. Battle Pass

Skins, glorious skins! Everyone loves a good vanity item and Fortnite has plenty to choose from! They can get expensive though, that’s why the battle pass is so good! For just 950 V-Bucks  you’re able to unlock 76 different cosmetic items just by playing the game and completing challenges.


What’s your favourite thing about Fortnite BR?

Workout your gym needs in Hull!

“A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent.”

Exercise plays a vital role in mental health while also making you less prone to medical conditions. There are now over 9.7 million gym members in the UK, an all-time high of 14.9%; when will you find the gym that’s right you?


University gym

  • £19.95 per month
  • 120+ classes
  • Free access to lawns gym

This package is the most convenient choice for students; with facilities available on campus and at the lawns there will always be a uni gym guaranteed next to any university owned accommodation. This is perfect for busy/lazy individuals who don’t want to waste too much time commuting.



  • From £9.99 a month (12 month contract)/ £19.99 per month
  • 200+ classes
  • Free access to 50+ branches nationwide

This package is the best for those looking to get value for money long term. This is the cheapest membership available in the city and with other sites nationwide it is perfect for those looking to gym away from uni too! Be prepared to commit to membership as customer service is minimal.


Fit 24

  • £249 per year/ £5 per day
  • Sauna and steam room
  • 24/7 access

This gym is popular amongst fitness enthusiasts who enjoy regularly going or those wanting a high end gym. It offers less free classes compared to the others but this reflects the number of members. It is a quiet gym perfect for those who desire privacy or dislike sharing equipment. If you have the money this is gym can cater for all tastes.