Stockholm is waiting for you!

For those who love a mild weather during winter, Hull has not disappointed so far! However, for any winter-loving student, snow and colder temperatures are missing dearly this year… Thus, we’re going to explore the reason why you should plan an escape weekend there during Easter break!

Sweden is squeezed between Norway and Finland and is a land of wonder. The capital, Stockholm, if often confused with Switzerland (Wait, what?), is a jewel among Northern cities.

It is actually made of several islands linked by bridges and each island has its own atmosphere and cultural richness which makes it fascinating to visit.

Gamla Stan, the historic centre is surrounded by the icy waters and is where the Stockholms Slott, the Royal Palace stands and where several museums can be found.

Not much into museums? In the small medieval streets of Gamla Stan, you can find restaurants where traditional Swedish food can be found. Try a Swedish smorgås for lunch it is a delicacy and a favourite among tourists and locals alike.

Räksmörgås – Shrimp open sandwich

For the fans of ice hockey among you, getting a ticket to watch the Stockholm’s Djurgården team is one of the best ways to experience life just like a Swede.

At the end of a day of exploring the city, enjoying a drink at the world famous Icebar is the perfect opportunity to make friends!

Absolut Ice Bar – Ice Hotel

Ha det så kul! Have Fun!

Interview: DJ Sean C (President of Hull University’s Resident DJ and Events Society, Crystal Clear)

I sit down to talk underground dance music (UDM) to find out DJ Sean C’s favourite tracks to play and why. With influences from disco, house, techno and garage, he says “it was and continues to be an identifier of an urban subculture”. The genre avoids becoming a trend/mainstream and tries to stick to the roots, “I like plying vinyl” he says, “I like the authenticity of it… I can’t really explain it but it goes deeper than downloading something. You have to spend time picking what records to buy and each one means something, I hope the crowd feels it too when I play”. “You get to form relationships with the record owner too, and they start recommending and saving certain things for you they know you will like”, which is a fascinating insight.

What was the first vinyl you bought?

“Heard it once on a CD I had and I was hooked”

What do you like to open your set with?

“Great opener, sets the mood nicely”

What’s your favourite record to play?

“Bit cheesy one. It’s UK Garage but it fits anywhere. Always goes down a treat”

If you could give away one record as a gift to someone, which one would it be?

“Pretty versatile record, a lot like it”

What do you play to get the crowd moving?

“Game over when the vocals come in”

What do you recommend as a beginner’s guide to UDM?

“Got to pay homage to one of my heroes, Kerri”

Favorite Digital Media Campaign In The Last 10 Years: Taco Bell App Launch

Background and brief

Taco bell took longer than its completion to launch their app, that enables customers to order through it. It meant that they risked lagging behind the likes of Chipotle. So they set themselves a target of having 2 million users so that they “caught up” to their competition and needed something innovative.

The Strategy

On the 28th of October in 2014, Taco Bell decided to turn off all their social media accounts off. That’s right, a blackout was their main strategy. The social media accounts only had one message that read, “The new way to Taco Bell isn’t on [whatever platform they used]. It’s #OnlyInTheApp”.

Taco Bells CMO, Christ Brandt said “We needed to do something right out of the gate that people would notice, and what better way to notice and drive people to the new way of taco bell than the black out?”

The Result

The campaign proved to be a success and they app managed to have over 300,000 downloads two days after the campaign was launched. They also managed to go above their download target by having a total of 2.6 million downloads in total, and also the number of impressions was 2 billion in three days.


Why I like it/lessons I learned

It was something out of the ordering. It made people curios, interested and fascinated by just being absent. It got people attention and they acted in a way Taco Bell had hoped. The demand was powerful.

Integration and knowing their audience was a key element

Tribal Conditioning and Online Brand Co-Creation

Tribal conditioning is an interesting term I came across reading an interesting book called The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World. The term groups a wide range of habits that evolved during the tribal era that are still relevant in today’s society. Tribal era, lasting millions of years and playing a key role on human development makes it immensely powerful and compelling.

We are creatures of habit, and the older a habit is, the less willing we are to give it up.

Maslow’s hierarchy tells us that people tend to have an ‘inherent’ desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves, and that great thing can be a brand. A brand can have to power to bring together people that share beliefs about the brand, and go beyond the role of consumer/brand relationship to create mutual value taking collective action. A group of people that not only believe in the brand, but promotes it too.

“with ubiquitous connectivity and devices enabling passionate experts to create influence and community, brands can tap into the streams of those empowered to publish in order to create mutual value”. – Lee Odden 

It is important to know what type of content communities really want so they can have a hand in creating it.

  • Identify, qualify and recruit influencer contributors.
  • Build relationships within the community
  • Create value for members who participate in the community
  • Be the liaison between the community and the company behind it all

First contact with Europe

Musée du Louvre,the French name of Louvre Museum, the collection of treasure all over the world, the precious gallery among human history. I have been travel to Paris during Charismas break. Luckily, the sun was shining whole Paris after a week smog when I first came to Louvre. I have already knew that Louvre is famous for its greatly, preciously, numerous arts. However, when I was visiting inside it as tourist, feeling of convulsion, respect, wordless still suffer me. A close touch with Louvre is indeed to every arts liker.

Nice has been knew as beach resort. Even in the winter, when you escape from cold and wet weather of British, the warm sunshine and sea breeze can catch you immediately. A normal afternoon, taking a cup of coffee and a hours walk near the beach you wont feel like tourist any more. The local cuisine also attract visitor. Pissaladiere, socca, farcis nicois and salade nicoise are delicious to eat.

Florence is city which rich of religionary, artistic culture. People who fancy with architecture can enjoy whole life here. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is located in city center. The dome and tower open to tourist which have 80-100 meters. Normally, you will take 20 mins to the top which may exhaust you. However, everything is worth when you can enjoy full vision on there.

Travel in Italy


If you travel in Italy. You can see numbers of Street artist on the street, and most of them perform by musical instrument.I think this performance form also is a part of culture in their country.

Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, and it is one of New Seven Wonders of the World .

Vatican City is a walled enclave within the city of Rome, it is the smallest State in the world by both area and population.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, is a cornerstone work of high renaissance art.We saw it in Gallery of Sistine Chapel ceiling of Vatican.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the is main church in Firenze.

Milan Church,it is archbishop church of Milan, it is also largest church in Italy and the fifth largest all over  the world.

As an coffee lover, you definite fall in love with Italian coffee. Coffee bar is existing anywhere in Italy, it is probably the fastest way to integrate into the local  life : you just go in and buy a cup of coffee.In order to be more like a locals ,you need to stand in front of the bar rather than looking for a seat.The biggest benefit of doing so is affordable-Standing to drink coffee is much cheaper than sitting.

What kind of music should you listen to when you are running?

Murakami Haruki’s book “what do I talk about when I’m running?” has described what he was thinking when running. Many students like to exercise, and running is one of the most popular sports. Have you ever wondered what you were thinking about running?Although many people think that running need to concentrate, but the process of sweating is always boring, this time we listen to the music often can let ourselves run longer.

British scientists have used an experiment to show how much music matches running. Kostas Karajiojis, a sports psychologist at the Brunel University, did a tracking experiment. They invited 15 men, who were close to the level, to receive a 30 week experiment. The runners had to undergo a series of tests and training to run a distance of about 5 kilometers on the runway.The results of the study showed that runners listen to slow songs or fast tempo songs, the average running time respectively is 26 and 26 minutes 5 seconds; and in the case of not listening to music, the average running time is 27 minutes and 19 seconds. From the data we can find that listening to music while running can improve the running speed.

So, how should we choose our own running music?

1,In the early running, runners can choose some of the more light songs, so that they have a vibrant start;

2, In the medium term, the runner should choose a little faster rhythm of  music, to keep their running speed  at a steady pace;

3, In the final closing exercise, runners should choose to lyrical music, with the exercise, to relax  the intensive use of muscle groups.



Hello 🙂

My name is Kan, and I was originally born and raised in in the northern part of Thailand. Every time that I ask my foreigner friends that have you ever been to Thailand. The answer that I always get is “yes I have been to Phuket”, which is the main destination that located in southern part of Thailand.

“As a northern, it is my duty to tell you why my hometown is worth to visit by showing you 3  awesome places “

1. Chiang Rai



Chiang Rai is the most northern province in Thailand. There is a one famous landmark call “Golden triangle” which is the place that three countries including Thai, Myanmar and Laos sharing the borders. As a northern and traveller, I would suggest that Chiang Rai is one of the best place to set as a base to explore around the region.


2. Chiang Mai



Chiang Mai is very trendy province for Thai tourists because it has a very beautiful landscape and the hill tribe. Moreover, there is the most famous landmark in the heart of the city, called Pra-Tu-Tar-Pare or the ancient wall. And it is surrounded by many historically rich Buddhist temples. I would recommend you to visit this province, since it is not only culturally rich city, but also full of facilities as same as Bangkok the capital city.

3. Mae Hong son



Mae Hong Sorn is one of very trendy province right now. It is the small province located in the middle of the mountain. It is where you can find the fresh air, peaceful, and nice local people. Moreover, some people claim that this place is the Switzerland in Thailand.



please let me know what do you think about these places by leaving the comment below.






     My name is Kan. I was originally born and raised in Thailand. This is my first time living in the UK, and I will tell what I can see from this country through my perspective.

1.British love to drink


In the UK, there is a pub every single corner, even though in the University. Comparing to Thailand, it is very different because Thais drink only for the celebration, and the pub is slightly hard to find.

2. British love Chip


In my perspective as a Thai people, Chip is similar to rice for Asian or Thais. I learned this idea from the restaurant that I work, and  the customers usually order Chip to eat with Thai main dish, although, I suggest them that Thai food go along very well with steam rice.

3. British love Sun light


When I was in Thailand, I was wondering why British tourists love to stay outdoor in middle of day that have very strong sun light. At that time, there is a couple question pop up in my head,

Don’t you afraid to have skin caner?                                                                    Don’t you afraid to get burn?

Honestly, when I first come here at the October, all of my questions about why British love the sun light have been solved.


please let me know that you have a good time reading this or not by leaving the comment below.







Three years ago, during 2014 summer, I was joined the exchanged program, called “work & travel”. This program will provide you an opportunity to work at the United states of America.

I choose to work at Six flags great adventure which is the amusement park in New Jersy, USA, and it was the greatest time in my life. SoI would like to share my adventure by showing you my 3 favourite rollercoaster in Six flags great adventure.

1. The longest roller Coaster



This ride is called Nitro, the track length is 1,644 m, and the maximum speed is 129 km/h.  This ride is so amazing because from the beginning until the end of the ride it takes more than one minute to finish.


2. The fastest wooden roller coaster



This one called El toro which means the bull in Spanish, and every single parts of this ride are made by the wood which is so awesome. The length of the track is 1,341 m, and the maximum speed is 113 km/h. 


3. The highest roller coaster



The name of this monster is Kingda Ka, and it is known as the highest roller coaster in the world. The height of it is 139 m, the track length is 950m and the maximum speed is 206 km/h. From the beginning until the end of this ride, it takes less than 10 second. Just to have a go on this one, and you will understand the real meaning of the fast.


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