COUM @ Humber Street Gallery

The Humber Street Gallery is a recently opened exhibition space that forms a part of Hull’s City of Culture. It currently features two exhibitions; one featuring three of Sarah Lucas’ ‘Muses’ and the other is entitled COUM Transmissions. COUM was an art collective that formed in the 1960s who challenged societal conventions and pushed boundaries with their work. One part of the exhibition features video interviews with each of the original members of COUM, talking about their experiences as members of COUM.

The other half of the exhibition is a collection of leftovers of COUM, who did not formally publish much. The collection features a wide array of memorabilia, from doodle covered notepads and newspaper clippings to a pile of faux-leather straps.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and would recommend you visiting too. The exhibition is only on until the 22nd of March, so you’d better hurry if you are interested.

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