What kind of music should you listen to when you are running?

Murakami Haruki’s book “what do I talk about when I’m running?” has described what he was thinking when running. Many students like to exercise, and running is one of the most popular sports. Have you ever wondered what you were thinking about running?Although many people think that running need to concentrate, but the process of sweating is always boring, this time we listen to the music often can let ourselves run longer.

British scientists have used an experiment to show how much music matches running. Kostas Karajiojis, a sports psychologist at the Brunel University, did a tracking experiment. They invited 15 men, who were close to the level, to receive a 30 week experiment. The runners had to undergo a series of tests and training to run a distance of about 5 kilometers on the runway.The results of the study showed that runners listen to slow songs or fast tempo songs, the average running time respectively is 26 and 26 minutes 5 seconds; and in the case of not listening to music, the average running time is 27 minutes and 19 seconds. From the data we can find that listening to music while running can improve the running speed.

So, how should we choose our own running music?

1,In the early running, runners can choose some of the more light songs, so that they have a vibrant start;

2, In the medium term, the runner should choose a little faster rhythm of  music, to keep their running speed  at a steady pace;

3, In the final closing exercise, runners should choose to lyrical music, with the exercise, to relax  the intensive use of muscle groups.


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