First contact with Europe

Musée du Louvre,the French name of Louvre Museum, the collection of treasure all over the world, the precious gallery among human history. I have been travel to Paris during Charismas break. Luckily, the sun was shining whole Paris after a week smog when I first came to Louvre. I have already knew that Louvre is famous for its greatly, preciously, numerous arts. However, when I was visiting inside it as tourist, feeling of convulsion, respect, wordless still suffer me. A close touch with Louvre is indeed to every arts liker.

Nice has been knew as beach resort. Even in the winter, when you escape from cold and wet weather of British, the warm sunshine and sea breeze can catch you immediately. A normal afternoon, taking a cup of coffee and a hours walk near the beach you wont feel like tourist any more. The local cuisine also attract visitor. Pissaladiere, socca, farcis nicois and salade nicoise are delicious to eat.

Florence is city which rich of religionary, artistic culture. People who fancy with architecture can enjoy whole life here. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is located in city center. The dome and tower open to tourist which have 80-100 meters. Normally, you will take 20 mins to the top which may exhaust you. However, everything is worth when you can enjoy full vision on there.

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