Parachuting at Banbury!

If you are keen on parachuting, you must not miss Banbury! Maybe you’ve never heard about the town, but it has different beautiful sceneries. Even though there are a lot of places and buildings being redeveloped, it still has a lot of special things, such as old alleys and quiet corners. If you are living in a busy city, I would say that Banbury is a good place to relax.

As a big fan of parachuting, I really like this town because you have a chance to enjoy the most beautiful scenery from up high, and have extremely different feelings.

If you enjoy parachuting and want to have the unique experience in the UK, I think you really can go to Banbury, I believe you will enjoy it. Hinton Skydiving Centre is very popular and the trainers are very professional and friendly!

When I went parachuting, I felt so excited and I would say that it was one of my best experiences. My trainer was very good at teaching me and mentioned what I should do with care. He really gave me a good skydiving lesson. I was so happy I came to Hinton.

I enjoyed the moment I jumped from a plane, and I felt 100% free. There was nothing I needed to worry about. I just wanted to enjoy that moment and to feel the world.

After landing, I felt the world was more big and beautiful than I thought. I enjoy skydiving because it lets me feel more about the world.

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