Exit Visa: One Last Month Around the States

As I’m sure many international students at Hull and elsewhere will agree, one of the best things about studying abroad is travelling in your free time. This is especially true in the United States, a country that is essentially a continent. So I did just that after my year at the University of Maine came to a close, spending a month journeying across the US until my return to East Yorkshire normality.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood
The hills of San Francisco (Clint Eastwood car chase not pictured)

I started in Boston and caught a dawn flight to Los Angeles. Living in a small New England town for a year meant that the sprawl of LA was an arresting sight. A few days there and further north in San Francisco and I had become accustomed to the heat just as I got to Las Vegas – which was even hotter…

Bright light city gonna set my soul…
A New Orleans streetcar – not named Desire

Surprised at how much I enjoyed Vegas – the clash of garish neon and Nevada sand side by side is weirdly pleasing – I moved onto New Orleans, which affected me greatly. The French Quarter was charming but seemed almost offensive sitting only a twenty minute walk away from neighbourhoods still gutted from Hurricane Katrina, a decade on. It was time to go back to New England and then home. My wallet cried all the flight back, but it was definitely worth it. Maine might be my second home, but that last trip only confirmed that it was the entire country I had fallen in love with. Hopefully your own travel will allow you to say the same.

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