Must-try cuisines for the curious tourist in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country rich in its cultural diversity, as well as a rich and colourful history it is no wonder that it is a popular destination for tourists. To fully embrace its culture diversity, one must indulge in its local delicacies and as such this blog will give the curious tourist a brief but helpful insight to some of the food that should be eaten whilst touring the giant of Africa.


Ogbono Soup

The wild African Mango seed soup commonly referred to as Ogbono soup, is one of Nigeria’s richest and most popular soups. The assorted meats (Ponmo, Shaki, Bokoto, Beef, Goat meat and Offals internal organs), garnished with smoked catfish/dried stockfish and cooked together with a variety of traditional seasoning and vegetables produces a soup rich in proteins and can be eaten with a combination of various foods e.g. rice or local swallows i.e. pounded yam.

Street food


This spicy skewered chicken or beef delicacy is a Northern Nigerian classic. The insanely spicy meat, seasoned with onions, tomatoes and mostly eaten on its own or with Masa (Rice cakes), is an affordable treat that is easily found either being prepared in small stalls on the street sides or in restaurants.

Staple food

Jollof rice

The most popular staple food and a must have for any curious tourist, is the boiled rice cooked in stew popularly known as Jollof rice. This African dish is rooted in the hearts of every Nigerian household and is a dished cooked with pride and served with assorted meat or chicken. It can be purchased in practically any restaurant and is a must try for anyone wishing to have a taste of Nigeria.

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