A Hooligans Game Played By Gentleman

Rugby is a generally misunderstood game, with many myths that discourage people from taking part in it. Here are some common myths that have been debunked.

Rugby is dangerous

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a contact sport that glorifies tackles and hard running, is that you’d probably not leave with all your parts intact. Rugby is ranked 9th, and sports like Horseback Riding and Cheerleading have ranked ahead of it. Doesn’t sound so dangerous now right?


Rugby Players don’t wear any protection

Rugby players pride themselves on wearing minimum protection, which contrasts to what American football players who wear all forms of protective gear. There’s protection for rugby players, it’s just not compulsory, for example, there are scrum caps, mouth guards, shin pads, forearm guards and under armor.

It’s a man’s sports

This is a famous misconception, that rugby is just for males. Female rugby is fast growing globally and was even featured in the 2016 Olympics, furthermore, it’s being introduced and developed in academic institutions with them offering various variations such as tag rugby which is a low contact variation.

Rugby and American football are the same

Another popular misconception is that rugby is the same as American football. In actual fact the only thing they share in common is that they are both contact sports, however, this is the only similarity as American football has fewer players on the pitch, unlimited submissions and a more tactical gameplay compared to rugby’s free-flowing style of play. These are just a few differences, for more differences click on the image above.

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Photo Credit: 9gag, Businessinsider, Pinterest, Protective wear.

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