Seasonal students, which library antics suits your animal and tips to improve

Which animal are you? Try the quiz, and then read on tips on how the Library can help each type of animal.

Do you do all your work at the last minute?

  1. When else?
  2. Quite a lot of it: I do a late-night blitz in the Silent Study rooms on Floor 2
  3. Known to get up at dawn on submission day
  4. I can’t think of anything worse

Do you reserve short loan books you know you’ll need?

  1.  What?
  2. When I remember
    to log into my Library account
  3. Prefer to go in when the Library opens and get my books before anyone else
  4. Always

Have you experienced the Library at midnight?

  1. The night before a deadline, yes!
  2. My favorite time to be there
  3. I would rather get up early to do my work and then go to the pub
  4. Are you kidding?

Mostly 1:Wild-eyed mouse

  • Spend day and night running that rat race round the library for anything useful.
  • Tip: make a list of useful books

Mostly 2: Midnight owl

  • Prefer to work at night, only use the books that aren’t already checked out.
  • Tip: Request for book to be held

Mostly 3: Morning rooster

  • In the library 8:am sharp, but if short loan books already taken .
  • Tip: reserve a short loan book for certain day online

Mostly 4: The sea-lion that never forgets

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