What you have to know about the university of hull

Hull University with its excellent teaching quality, excellent subject setting, good campus environment and learning. Here to give you a brief introduction to the University of Hull campus life in Hull.

1. Hull has a strategic location and convenient transportation

Hull, is located in Yorkshire, England, and Hull is strategically located about 250 miles from London.It takes about two hours to reach London by train. Only 20 miles from Humberside Airport.

2. About the traffic

A main road runs through the school, if you want to go to the city center, the bus only takes 20 minutes.

The University of Hull offers a choice of traditional and modern courses within a flexible module system
3. Hull University Union                         

There’s a £3.2m nightclub on the Hull Campus in the student union, entirely funded by the students’ union which attracts well known acts throughout the year.

4. The Well Equipped library

Further improvements were made to the Brynmor Jones Library in 2014, with £28m having been invested to provide improved facilities for students and staff alike.

Brynmor Jones Library – South Entrance
Brynmor Jones Library – University Gallery


Brynmor Jones Library – Ground Floor Café
Brynmor Jones Library – 5th Floor
Brynmor Jones Library – 7th Floor
5. Student Accommodation
The Courtyard
The Taylor Court
The Student Houses
The Lawns
6. Sports and Fitness Center

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