Week-End out of England: Normandy.

Normandy is located on the north-west of France, and benefits from a variety of landscapes which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit.

One of its most famous city, Deauville has a sea front envied by many other coast towns in France. Additionally, the architecture and the mild weather between spring and summer makes it an ideal place to relax for a weekend before exams in May!

There are planes flying from London at only 18 pounds return which is perfect for a student budget.

“Les Planches de Deauville” are famous worldwide and it is not rare to spot Hollywood celebrities strolling on the beach, in the same fashion than Cannes during the Cinema Festival.

The Mont Saint-Michel, a bit further south as a specular view on the Baie de Somme and is an unforgettable place to visit.

France is also renowned for having one of the best cuisine in the world, and there is no best feeling than enjoying a nice croissant at a seafront café!

So, during the Easter break, unwind in France for a week end !

Sport & Fun : Horse riding with Hull University Riding Club!

Whether you’ve been riding for years or curious about trying, the Hull University Riding Club (HURC) is allowing students to discover horse-riding in a friendly atmosphere.

HURC aims to challenge the common belief that horse-riding is not an affordable hobby, by allowing students to benefit from discounted prices on lessons.The club welcomes all abilities of rider from those who have no experience at all and want to try to seasoned competition riders. Riding lessons from are organised every week at the Oxmardyke Riding Club. 
Like a little challenge? For those who wish to,  two teams compete in BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) which combines dressage and show jumping. They compete against teams from other universities such as Durham, Leeds, York and Newcastle universities and train at Bishop Burton College, providing the best equestrian facilities.

More than anything else, it’s the friendliness and the commitment that the members of HURC in making sure that everyone can enjoy ,at their own pace, the pleasure of training and improving with horses, all year long!

So what are you waiting for? Join Hull University Riding Club today!


Jokingly described as a “drinking club with a skiing problem” HUSSKI is the Hull University Ski and Snowsports society. Arguably one of the most fun clubs to be a part of during your time here in Hull (I may be a bit biased on this), with weekly excuses to drink and socialise at Tofts on Newland Avenue and monthly trips to SnoZone @ XScape in Castleford (an indoor ski slope) to hone your skills or start as a total beginner.

HUSSKI has become an extended family to me during my time at university and has been a part of my development as a human being. We’re a friendly and inclusive bunch, and always love to have new members join us so get involved!

HUSSKI Facebook

HUSSKI on Instagram

Snapchat: Husskisnaps

Here is a video from last year’s trip to Andorra.

COUM @ Humber Street Gallery

The Humber Street Gallery is a recently opened exhibition space that forms a part of Hull’s City of Culture. It currently features two exhibitions; one featuring three of Sarah Lucas’ ‘Muses’ and the other is entitled COUM Transmissions. COUM was an art collective that formed in the 1960s who challenged societal conventions and pushed boundaries with their work. One part of the exhibition features video interviews with each of the original members of COUM, talking about their experiences as members of COUM.

The other half of the exhibition is a collection of leftovers of COUM, who did not formally publish much. The collection features a wide array of memorabilia, from doodle covered notepads and newspaper clippings to a pile of faux-leather straps.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and would recommend you visiting too. The exhibition is only on until the 22nd of March, so you’d better hurry if you are interested.

Great Places to Eat on Newland Avenue for Under £5

Newland Avenue is rich in eateries; of the sit down variety as well as take-aways. During my time here as a student I have visited most of them and can pass on my experience of where is best to go on a student budget.


Hull PieHull Pie, Newland Avenue

Award winning Hull pie makes some of the best pies you’ll find – offering a wide range of handmade pastry delicacies, freshly cooked in-store, including several vegan-friendly options. Don’t miss out on the gravy.


Taste, Newland Avenue

Taste is an American style delicatessen offering a selection of freshly prepared gourmet foods such as pulled pork, slow cooked brisket and cajun chicken. Visiting here is a must, as walking past all the delicious smells and not doing so is torture.


Madison's, Newland Avenue

While perhaps not as up-market as some of the other establishments mentioned in this post, Madisons gets a special mention for its jumbo roll: a generously filled bread roll the size of your head. This £3 sandwich will keep your hunger in check all day.


El Chupitos & Roots

If sitting down for your lunch is more your style, both El Chupitos and Roots have £5 meal + drink deals on offer. I’m mentioning both together here as they are both owned by the same family, and follow the same format.

Let me know in the comments what you thought if you went and tried any of these fine establishments, or if there are any you feel have been unfairly missed out.

Lalaland Tribute to 15 Musical

La La Land may have racked up a record-tying number of nominations at the Academy Awards, but perhaps that’s not so surprising.

Sara Preciado made a lovely video that places scenes from La La Land right next to other scenes from musicals and movies that La La Land was obviously referencing.

1. Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967)
2.Grease (1978)
3.West Side Story (1961)
4.Sweet Charity (1969)
5. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)
6.Boogie Nights (1997)
7.Shall We Dance (1937)
8.The Band Wagon (1953)
9.Moulin Rouge (2001)
10.Funny Face (1957)
11.An American in Paris (1951)
12.Le ballon rouge (1956)
13.Les parapluies de cherbourg (1964)
14.On the Town (1949)
15.Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940)


Monmouth Coffee in London

Monmouth Coffee Company has been widely regarded as one of the best coffee companies in the world, and the best by far in London. They started roasting and retailing coffee in 1978. At the beginning it roasted in the basement of shop on Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, using rather old-fashioned, direct-flame machines, first a small UNO and finally a 1930s Whitmee .

The Covent Garden shop is much smaller than the Borough Market shop,Visiting Covent Garden store  is like stepping into a world of it’s own.

Filter coffee is the most popular coffee in their shop.  The coffee bean where provided today will be written on the blackboard in the entrance. It source and roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives.

Monmouth also offer delicious dessert and fresh coffee bean to satisfy different demand of customer.

Covent Garden

27 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9EU

Borough Market

2 Park Street
The Borough
London SE1 9AB


Arch 3, Spa North
Dockley and Spa Road

Scuba Diving – an exciting and interesting challenge

Scuba diving has always been a sport I want to try but have some fear. On the one hand, it allows you to have more touch with the sea. On the other hand, I was a little afraid of it, because I didn’t understand it.

First of all, let me introduce some misunderstanding of scuba diving. Firstly, people think that only good swimmers can dive.This is actually a misunderstanding of scuba diving. In fact, many people involved in scuba diving do not know how to swim, because scuba diving does not require people to use swimming posture to advance, and the power of scuba diving  from the athlete’s thigh and foot web.

Secondly, people think that aquatic life is dangerous. Sharks and a lot of terrible marine life is one of the reasons to prevent people from approaching the ocean. In fact, the dive coach has told me that as long as people do not touch, take and tease them, marine life is not to take the initiative to attack humans.

Next, let’s talk about my own diving story.I learned diving in Thailand two years ago. For the beginning, I just did this sport to company my girlfriend. I will never imagine that diving attracts me in deep. First time, people feel afraid, strange and uncomfortable. When you down 30 meters away to sea level, many amazing things happen around you.The world under the sea is mysterious and interesting, I saw the dolphins chase, our bottom had a lot of small fish in the circle .

culture shock for Chinese students live in the UK

Most of expats moving to the UK facing some problems to adjust new environment, especially for culture. There are many differences between west and east culture, in this article, I will talk about culture shock for Chinese who are study in the UK.

  1. No break at noon

    It is normal that you have a lecture at 12am-2pm in the UK. However, there is a lunch break in China. If you tell students they must study during the noon break time, they will against it.

  2. The sensitive fire alarm

    As for Chinese students, the smoke alarm sound is one of sounds which impressed us deeply in the UK. I have been through so many times fire alarm interrupted the class, but without any fire.

  3. People are so polite

    Everyone knows Brits love their manners and it is part of their national identity. Once I talked with a local, and I counted she said 6 times “thank you” within 2 minutes.

  4. Not afraid of cold

    No matter how cold in the evening, there are many young girls dressed short skirt queuing in front of pub door. It seems I am not properly dressed.

  5.  Use Separate Hot and Cold Taps

    One thing still confused me is why there are two taps in the bathroom in the UK. Sometimes the water is too hot to use. However, my brilliant Chinese friend came up with this smart idea.

    Do you have any culture shock experiences? Please leave a comment below.


It is difficult for most of UK students to managing a busy and independent lifestyle on a tight budget. However, good news is there are many ways to help students save money. Using the following top 5 discount cards offered in the UK.

  1. The 16-25 Railcard (Young person card).

    This card will help you save lots of money in your travel, and it gives 1/3 off for students. The Railcard costs just £30 per year, and if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling over the next 3 years, you can buy a 3-year with only £70.

  2. NUS Extra.

    The NUS Extra card costs £12 per year and let students enjoy a wide range of discount on necessity and leisure items. if you don’t want spend money, you can choose another card—the NUS card, and it’s free.

  3. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    International Student Identity Card (ISIC), this card can make you enjoy big discount not only in UK, but also around the world. The ISIC offer over 150,000 discounts in over 130 countries.

  4. YHA membership card.The Youth Hostels Association is a charitable organisation, providing youth hostel accommodation. The membership card only costs £5 per year, and you can enjoy up £3 off per night.

    At last, don’t forget your basic student ID card also act as proof that you have a right to get a discount at a lot of business. So, don’t be shy, ask the staff whether you can get a student discount when you pay the money.

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