A Guide to Hull – How to Survive Contracts from Student Accommodation.

Most students find it daunting when signing for their first house as they are giving themselves responsibility to achieve their goals, yet it appears that it is a phase all students go through. However, there are mistakes students often make when signing for their first house and that is either they don’t read their contracts properly, or they sign to a house under pressure because of landlord’s scaremongering. Here are some easy steps on how to survive contracts from student accommodation, taken from my own experience.

Always read the contract.

Landlords usually try to apply pressure into signing people up for houses, because they are looking for quick money, but you should make sure that all your bills are covered and the contract is individualised. This can help you save money in the long run when you do build a house.

Keep a copy of the contract with you at all times, including any changes the landlord makes.

This is so that you can hold the landlord accountable for any breaches in the contract, but also communicate any changes you wish to make, such as individualising the contract. Any changes must also be countersigned by the landlord.

Always check the landlord’s credibility with your council.

It is important that you check that the landlord has permission for multiple residency with the council as it is against the law if the council has disapproved them for allowing multiple residency without their authorisation. This could lead to you losing your contracted home

These are some things to keep in mind, always check and remember if you have a bad feeling about any landlord, you must investigate further. Always report to your advice centre if you have any questions or queries.

The Hull Chipfest – An Inside look into Wings International Cuisine

An experience at Wings International Cuisine is one student’s dream. With a range of food to initiate your palette, it can be seen as one of the greatest experiences known to man, with a range of food from across the globe. From American to Asia all the way across the Mediterreanean. There is something for everyone! How do we know? Because we have taken a trip ourselves to experience the quality of food.

We were able to go on this experience without any queues as it appears to be an extremely popular location as thousands of seats are full each time we have tried to come here, now we finally got the chance to sait our hunger. From just £7.50 you are able to gain access to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet from 12:00-4:00. At night it opens much later at a higher price, but it is worth it for a date come true.

As a person I am not really keen on spicy food, but there is always something for everyone at this place, from simplistic food such as chips and chicken nuggets to gourmet style chinese and indian food, you can never go wrong with this place. Why not try this place out today as there is something for everyone.


The busier the better: A week in the life of a student

My weeks vary depending upon my workload but as a business masters student, there is rarely a lack of studying to be done. A usual week for me consists of roughly twelve contact hours made up of lectures, tutorials and workshops. Between lectures I spend my time in the library, where I meet up with friends and keep on top of work, making for a very happy medium.

Sports teams are what keep us the most social here in Hull, as part of the cheerleading team I am on committee as one of the kit secretary’s, this comes with much responsibility and is another way of keeping myself busy with regular meetings and order deadlines.

From leaving campus in the evening I make my way home. I must say it’s my house that makes me the happiest here in Hull, I live with seven of my best friends, which means my evenings are just as busy as my days. We always have dinner as a house and catch up with one another.

Wednesdays are my busiest, watching various teams matches in the afternoon before sports social in the evening, followed by an infamous night out at Asylum, nights out for my house are a permanent fixture (please see my post ‘5 days, 5 nights out – The student way’).

On the weekends I find myself back in the library with friends and sorting kit for cheer. No week is the same here at uni, it just keeps getting better.

Vegan food options down Newland Avenue

For all of us vegans out there, we all know how hard it can be to find somewhere decent to grab a bite to eat! Down Newland Avenue though I’ve found some hidden gems which serve some of the best vegan food going.

The Zoo Cafe


This is one of my personal favourites as it’s a totally vegetarian menu. Inside the atmosphere is quaint and has a really lovely vibe to it, and is the great for a midday lunch for a catch up with friends. My absolute go to here is the Zoo Burger, but ever in doubt ask the staff as they’re all super knowledgable about the food.

Level Cafe Bar & Grill


If your after a more upscale but still within student budget meal this is the perfect place. They have a variety of both vegan and vegetarian options, but I would highly recommend the Wild Mushroom and & Spinach dish. This place also do a great lunch offer between 12-4 where you can get any pizza, pasta or salad for only £6.95!

Craft & Dough


For those of you after a pizza this is the place for you. They have lots of vegetarian options available, and can substitute the cheese for a vegan option. The pizza size options are either 1/2 a meter or a whole meter! They also have a beer pong table which is great fun for after a meal.

If any of you have other recommendations please leave a comment below!

5 days, 5 nights out – The student way

Every night can be treated as a weekend for some students, waking up for lectures isn’t as hard as you may think with enough practice. Before the weekend hits here are five of the best student nights out in Hull to see you through from Monday to Friday.

Mondays start off within the hustle and bustle of Newland Avenue, here sits Piper. A nightclub full of chart-topping hits and swanky interior is the best way to start the week. 

Tuesday sees the night of the pub quiz at the student regular Gardeners Arms, famously known as ‘Gards’ the pub quiz costs just £1 with the potential winning of a £300 return, cheap pints and quick buzzer rounds are a match made in heaven.

Wednesday is often thought of as the highlight of the week for all students on the AU, first ups sport social, dotted around at multiple pubs and bars within the Newland Avenue area a few hours of team games are had. The next stop is the uni’s very own Asylum where fancy dress and £1 pizza slices are encouraged.

Thursday takes us further into the atmosphere of the city to Welly, a night for indie music lovers and rooms of all genres make this club unique.

Friday takes on another pub, the Harry Pursey. Karaoke, pool and cheap drinks are at the heart of this pub till 1 am.

And there you have it, five days, five nights out and making the most of exploring Hull’s nightlife in the student way.

An insight into life at Uni!

So,  you’re thinking of coming to University? Perhaps you’re unsure what a week at Uni looks like?

Here are the main things that have given me three amazing years in Hull!


Yes, contrary to popular belief students do actually have to do some work, we don’t just learn how to down a pint in under 4 seconds. Of course there will be times when you feel like you’re never gonna get out of the library, or that if you read one more journal article you’ll go insane, but don’t worry if it was easy everyone would have a degree… there is no better feeling than finally graduating and all your hard work being worthwhile!


Ever since my first sports fair in freshers week it was clear that there was a great sporting community here in Hull. Now I am a member of both HUBS FC and the Badminton club and they both play a  major part in my free time at University. I train three nights of the week and play matches on Wednesdays. I’m a big believer that there is no better stress relief from work than playing sport, any student will tell you the same- JOIN A SPORTS TEAM/SOCIETY!


Okay, okay … maybe some of us students are partial to a drink or two. But come on, we’ve earned it haven’t we! Step out of your comfort zone, go out and socialise. When else in your life can you go to a nightclub on a Monday!



Finding Your Best Friend in Shared Accommodation.

No matter if you’re about to go into third year at University, you’ve moved cities into your first professional job or you’ve moved to the other side of the world to pursue your passions, it is ALWAYS a good time to make friends, and GOOD friends at that. Contradictory to popular belief, moving into a shared house is actually a great way to make really strong friendships. Although you have the odd room hermit, I’ve put together a few ways in which you can really get to know your new housemates to ensure a strong friendship:


  • TAKE INTEREST: one of the most flattering things to do is to take an interest in your housemates, get to know their interests, their life story, what their favorite food to cook is.


  • GET OUT OF THE HOUSE: getting out of the shell that you all share and exploring the city you’re in with your housemates is a top tip that I’ve done with my housemates, especially trying something new that you’ve all never done before.


  • COOK TOGETHER: time to whip out a new recipe, bake a cake or cooking your housemates home countries cuisine dish, cooking together is an underrated bonding top tip that’s super fun and tasty as well. Bon Appétit!


  • CREATURES OF HABIT: make the time to sit down with each other once a week and spend quality time together, to ensure the most positive shared accommodation experience.





Making Good Friends




The perks of joining a society

Being a student is made up of lectures, work, work and a bit more work, but there are plenty of more hours in your week to fill! Between my gaps of time I fill it by being social sec for a university sports club called Ladies Football, where there is plenty going on every week!










My job as social sec means structuring the clubs social calendar and organizing events for us to do. Every Wednesday I set a wacky theme the girls have to dress up to, where we then head down to Asylum to social. Some of my personal favorites are the Army Pub Crawl, 80’s and Disney.









We have both our 1st and 2nd team competing in BUCS matches weekly, and lots of us go down to show our support for them. In preparation for these there’s training  two times a week, and extra classes arranged by our Captain to help players learn new skills.

Weekly pub quiz

Every week your guaranteed to find the club at our local Gardeners Arms for the Tuesday quiz night. The atmosphere is always a lively one, and you’ll soon start recognizing the quiz teams that come week in week out. We’re still yet to win but our day will come!

With lots more to come I couldn’t recommended joining a club enough, just because it’s second semester doesn’t mean it’s to late!

For more info follow the link and give us a message- https://www.facebook.com/groups/2369097429849581/

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